Strategy and value creation

Value creation model

Our value creation model demonstrates how we deliver value for our stakeholders and society. It provides insight into the forms of social, economic and environmental capital that enable our business model, the activities in which we engage and the value and impact we deliver through those activities.

The model is based on:

  • The outcome of the stakeholder analysis

  • Numidia’s unique vision on the dairy market and the growing importance of sustainability in the supply chain

  • The applicable GRI guidelines

  • The applicable Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations

The model emphasizes the most material topics as identified in the stakeholder analysis. The less material topics are featured less prominently. This does not mean that these topics are not important to us, but rather that they are less applicable to Numidia. Because we are a trading company, we have little direct impact on topics such as waste and water & effluents.

Numidia plays multiple roles in the (physical) supply chain. We serve as trader, producer, market maker, supplier, customer, professional business partner, financing partner, technical partner, risk management partner and developer of the sustainable dairy supply chain. This is part of our strategy, as these various roles will be key to our further success and the value delivered to and experienced by our stakeholders. In everything we do, we aim to deliver value for our employees, suppliers, business partners and our customers in the supply chain.

We deliver value by executing our core activities. Numidia’s mission is to be the best and most sustainable supplier of standard dairy products for our customers, and that means we care about all our stakeholders. The value we generate differs by stakeholder group and is identified and recognized over the years. This value is also the benefit of working with Numidia.

The value we create demonstrates our commitment to long-term relationships, with employees, suppliers, customers, business partners and all other people connected to Numidia. We are not only looking at the world of today. We also have in mind the generations to come.