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Numidia at a glance

Numidia was established in the Netherlands in December 2011 and specializes in the international dairy trade. We rely on an extensive international network of customers, suppliers and distributors. Read more over Numidia at a glance .

Message from the CEO

We proudly present our 2022 annual report. For the first time, we have combined our annual financial reporting with an explanation of how we as an organization manage environmental, social responsibility and corporate governance (ESG) themes. Read more over Message from the CEO .

Business model and stakeholder analysis

To understand who our key stakeholders are, it is crucial to understand our business model. Numidia acts as the link between dairy producers on the one hand, and producers, food service, retail and distributors on the other. Read more over Business model and stakeholder analysis .

Value creation model

Our value creation model demonstrates how we deliver value for our stakeholders and society. Read more over Value creation model .


Numidia is focused on reducing adverse effects on the environment caused by its processes or those of its business partners. Read more over Sustainability .

Market trends and conditions

The global trade in dairy products is expected to increase by an average of 3% per year until 2030 (Rabobank, 2022). This increase is primarily driven by global population growth, growth in disposable income and urbanization in various regions. Read more over Market trends and conditions .


We believe that everyone worldwide should be able to enjoy the benefits of quality dairy products. We see it as our task to contribute to making that happen! Read more over Strategy .

Organizational structure

The Numidia group is headquartered in the Netherlands, with subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Singapore, the United States of America and Uruguay. Read more over Organizational structure .

Remuneration and personnel

In 2021 and 2022, Numidia took part in the Great Place To Work (GPTW) program. GPTW is an external company whose methodology helps companies assess whether their employment practices contribute to the well-being of the company and employees alike. Read more over Remuneration and personnel .

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