Non-financial results

The impact that companies’ business operations have on the environment is becoming increasingly transparent, as are the (financial and non-financial) consequences of this impact. The EU’s recently approved CSRD guidelines provide insight into these consequences. When the CSRD goes into effect, auditors will begin auditing compliance with these guidelines, implying that there will be an independent opinion on the level of compliance.

On the one hand, non-compliance could impact companies’ ability to do business in the future. It may, for example, affect a company’s chances of attracting financing, as banks take into account non-financial results into their review process.  On the other hand, companies like Numidia that have an adequate policy in place may have a competitive advantage. We also believe that given the growth of the organization, we should set an example within our industry.

Sustainability results

co2 footprint 2022: voluntarily fully compensated

We distinguish between scope 1, 2 and 3 in reporting emissions resulting from our business operations. Scope 1 includes direct GHG emissions from owned equipment and the use of lease cars. Scope 2 includes indirect emissions related to energy consumption in our office buildings, emissions from business travel and employee commuting. Scope 3 includes indirect GHG emissions related to warehouses, transport and freezing processes. 

In tCO₂-eq



Scope 1



Scope 2



Scope 3



Total CO₂ emission



Numidia applies a three-step policy: we measure and calculate emissions, share this information with our business partners to drive transparency and awareness within the supply chain, and then provide insight into and implement prevention and reduction measures. We have taken the extra step of mapping the so-called upstream emissions, which arise during the production and processing of the dairy products that we buy and sell. Mapping provides us with additional insight into the value chain and potential savings. The objective is to offer our customers the option of offsetting these emissions in the future. All the emissions identified in Numidia’s carbon footprint are offset using carbon credits from the VCS or Gold Standard platforms.

ecovadis rating: gold medal

When we initiated our sustainability efforts in 2018, we focused on the environment and specifically on the CO2 footprint of Numidia and of our supply chain. We gained insight into the journey from collecting products from suppliers to the delivery of products to customers. Our environmental policies related to energy consumption and GHGs have proven very effective. We will continue to improve our insight into carbon emissions by extending our scope to additional components of our supply chain.

The first EcoVadis sustainability assessment in 2021 demonstrated that Numidia, even prior to adopting additional measures, scored among the top 25% of companies across all industries. Our score of 56 out of 100 points earned us a Silver Medal. In 2022, Numidia showed significant improvements on the topics of environment, labor & human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. Our score increased by 17 points to 73 out of 100 points, earning us a Gold Medal. Our score also places us among the top 5% of companies in terms of the quality of our sustainability management system. 

Compliance results

risk rating of suppliers: 100% screening 

At the start of any collaboration, Numidia initiates an assessment of the impact of a supplier on the topics of quality, environment and sustainability. The quality impact of a supplier is assessed based on the food and/or feed safety certificates they hold, the products and/or services they are going to deliver and other details. Whereas the environmental impact is mainly focused on emissions and other direct environmental risks, the sustainability impact focuses on social and governance themes. This assures that 100% of suppliers are assessed. Suppliers are evaluated on an annual basis and the risk ratings are adjusted as needed.

The assessment is based on the information provided by the supplier through Numidia’s Supplier Management Portal. Here, the supplier provides information through questionnaires, as well as any applicable certifications. After the supplier provides the onboarding information, Numidia uses the assessment to assign a complete risk rating, which is added to the database. The risk rating informs the follow-up actions, if any, to improve the risk rating. 

know your customer: 100% screening of new customers

New customers are screened for:

  • Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) identification

  • Sanctions 

  • Political exposure

We engage with an external party to conduct these investigations. The level of screening depends on the availability of information. Various international sanctions lists are consulted. The most commonly screened lists are the OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control), the BIS (agency of Industry and Security) and the European Union Restrictive measures (sanctions) list.

non-conformities: 0 safety incidents

Numidia’s management system is also used to register any issues related to, among other topics, services, products, environment, health & safety and working conditions. These issues are logged as non-conformities. Issues that pose a threat to public safety are called food or feed safety issues. The non-conformance team meets at least bi-weekly to discuss all non-conformities. The purpose of these frequent meetings is to respond quickly and take the necessary actions to manage incidents and/or potential emergency situations that impact product safety, legality and quality effectively and to enable the effective withdrawal and recall of products.

In 2022, a total of 308 non-conformities were submitted. Only four non-conformities were identified as a potential food or feed safety issue. Ultimately, these four non-conformities were determined to not involve a food or feed safety issue. As a result, zero food and feed safety incidents were recorded. Numidia measures the non-conformity ratio by dividing the number of non-conformities by the total volume per month. 

Numidia also operates an active whistleblower program, whereby both internal and external whistleblowers have the opportunity to report irregularities to Numidia's confidential advisers or even to the external confidential advisers of the company.

Commercial results

nps score for customers: 38

49% of customers are likely to recommend Numidia to a business relationship. Customers mention the product and service level of Numidia, as well as the communication with Numidia as reasons for their response. The NPS score is calculated by subtracting the Detractor percentage from the Promoter percentage.

nps score for suppliers: 29

44% of suppliers are likely to recommend Numidia to a business relationship. Suppliers mention the market knowledge of Numidia and communication with Numidia as reasons for their response.

People results

great place to work: 2 years in a row

Numidia participated in the Great Place To Work program for the first time in 2021. We were granted the GPTW certification in both 2021 and 2022. In 2022, we achieved the following results:

  • 92% overall response rate

  • 81% positively responded to the question: "Taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work."

  • 79% score on the Trust Index

hiring: 24 new numidians