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Numidia is focused on reducing adverse effects on the environment caused by its processes or those of its business partners.

valuable partnerships

Numidia is deeply reliant on its business partners for products and services. For Numidia to be the world’s best, most sustainable supplier of standard dairy products for the food and feed market, it is very important that its suppliers are also committed to improving their level of sustainability wherever possible.

All our suppliers are therefore required to formally agree to abide by our Code of Conduct (CoC). All new (product and service) suppliers are screened according to how involved they are with the various sustainability programs that may also include environmental, social or ethical aspects. This might include certifications, documents or ratings such as Sedex, EcoVadis, GRI reports, SASB and any other platform designed to include aspects related to sustainability.

Based on this screening process, we create risk profiles for each supplier to assess their level of compliance with our sustainability standards. The aim is to prevent adverse consequences and improve their sustainability efforts. These risk profiles are frequently reviewed and can change positively as a result of improvements or negatively as a result of non-conformance with our sustainability standards.

sustainability goals

Reduce emissions of company cars

Since 2020, all new company cars are (semi-)electric vehicles. We have therefore managed to reduce the emissions originating from company cars. From 2025 onwards, all new company cars must be one of the following:

  • Electric vehicle (EV)

  • Fuel cell vehicle (FCV)

  • Fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV)

Minimize emissions from Numidia head office where possible

We aim to reduce any emissions emitted from our head office and to be as self-sustaining as possible.

Reduce emissions of truck & ship transportation

We are prioritizing collaborations with transport vendors that are making efforts to reduce their negative impact on the environment.

Raise environmental awareness of customers and suppliers

We make agreements with our suppliers that include conditions to ensure that they meet all our sustainability requirements. We also rate each supplier according to how closely involved they are with sustainability. Although we cannot directly influence customers in reducing their environmental impact, Numidia does believe it has a responsibility to promote the following goals:

  • CO2 footprint for sales and the option to buy a CO2 compensated product.
    To provide all customers with a total CO2 footprint of products purchased from Numidia, with the option of buying a fully CO2 compensated product.

  • 30% COneutral products sold by 2030.
    By 2030, 30% of all products sold are to be CO2  compensated with carbon credits.

  • Green Routing.
    By the end of 2023, every customer will have the option of purchasing Green Routing. Green Routing will provide the option to purchase products with a lower CO2 footprint compared to standard products.

Sustainable Dairy Partnership (SDP)

Since 2022, Numidia has been a SDP user to increase its focus on continuously improving the sustainability of the dairy supply chain. We aim for closer cooperation with producers and farmers to align with and improve the sustainability goals as mentioned in the Dairy Sustainability Framework (DSF). These include the following:

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  • Soil Nutrients

  • Soil Quality and Retention

  • Water Availability and Quality

  • Biodiversity

  • Working Conditions

  • Animal Care

  • Waste

  • Market Development

  • Rural Economies

  • Product Safety and Quality


EcoVadis is one of the world’s best-known providers of business sustainability ratings, as well as intelligent collaborative performance improvement tools for global supply chains. Many companies communicate their various goals or actions in relation to sustainability. However, it is often unclear exactly what or how extensively this is done. Numidia's EcoVadis rating and Gold Medal demonstrates that Numidia’s level of sustainability (and social responsibility and governance) ranks in the top 1% in its field.

Environmental policy

Numidia wants the best for its employees, customers, suppliers and the world around it, today and in the future. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact, not only our direct footprint but also the footprint of our transport and warehousing operations.

We believe that we have a responsibility to contribute to CO2 reduction and compensation and are therefore proud to be the first global dairy trader which (voluntarily) fully compensates for CO2 emissions in its operations. We also practice continuous improvement in our environmental performance by setting objectives and targets in compliance with environmental management systems and EU legislation. This is done with a specific focus on the main sources of emissions, such as the transportation of products.

We are committed to continually improving our environmental performance. This policy is communicated to all staff and is available to the public, contractors and suppliers.

CO2 footprint, reduction & offsetting

Numidia has determined its carbon footprint based on the GHG Protocol (https://ghgprotocol.org/) and focused on carbon dioxide or its equivalent (CO2-eq). See Appendix A for the Numidia carbon footprint scopes and a percentage breakdown of the emissions within the total carbon footprint.

Numidia’s carbon footprint includes scope 1, scope 2 and various scope 3 emissions. This means that CO2-eq emissions have been identified not only from emission sources such as the various offices, business trips and employee commutes, but also from the product transport (by ship or truck) and storage and freezing operations organized by Numidia. All the emissions identified in Numidia’s carbon footprint are offset using carbon credits from the VCS or Gold Standard platforms. For all scope 1 and scope 2 emissions, our goal is to only use carbon credits from carbon offset programs which have a positive impact on the environment of Numidia from a geographical or business process point of view.

In addition, we have also calculated the scope 3 CO2 emissions of farmers and producers from all our purchased products. However, unlike scope 3 emissions from sources within our area of responsibility, such as transporters or warehouses, the emissions from farmers and producers are not included in Numidia’s carbon footprint.

We have been ISO 14001 certified since 2018 and maintain an Environmental Management System focused on the reduction of carbon emissions. And since 2020, CO2 Reduction Management has been added to our ISO 14001 certification, verifying that we have conformed to all necessary standards.

co2-compensated products

Although we do not include the CO2 emissions from farmers and producers in our own carbon footprint, Numidia does offer customers the option of receiving products with full carbon footprint compensation, covering emissions from the intial collection of the product at the farm until the delivery of the product to the customer. It is also possible to buy products which are fully carbon compensated.

Sustainable head office

We have calculated our energy usage for our head office as well as all other Numidia offices in the world. Our head office is situated in an almost self-sustaining building equipped with 110 solar panels, geothermal temperature conditioning, phase changing material ceiling (PCM) for cooling and various innovative systems designed to save energy. All our company cars are now either hybrid or electric vehicles, minimizing the adverse effects of emissions.

Although waste is a relatively small part of Numidia’s environmental impact, we still make great efforts to reduce emissions from waste where possible and to separate waste for recycling purposes. This includes separating paper and PMD (plastic, metal & drink packaging) streams, but also reducing the volume of waste by, for example, replacing soda cans with water taps.

Animal welfare & biodiversity

Suppliers and other parties in the supply chain are to guarantee that animal welfare is in compliance with the following “Five Freedoms”:

Freedom from hunger and thirst

By providing ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain health and vigor.

Freedom from discomfort

By providing an appropriate environment, including shelter and comfortable resting area. This includes proper ventilation, temperature conditioning where necessary, and protection from direct sunlight and/or wind.

Freedom from pain, injury or disease

By sickness prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment, ensuring the environment is kept hygienic, and the prohibition of physical abuse in any way.

Freedom to express normal behavior

By providing sufficient space, proper facilities and the company of the animal’s own kind.

Freedom from fear and distress

By ensuring conditions and treatment which avoid mental suffering.

Safe & healthy products

Numidia wants everyone to enjoy the healthy benefits that dairy products provide. The following information on the benefits of dairy is from the British Dietetic Association.

For many people, milk and dairy play an important role within a healthy balanced diet. Milk and dairy foods are affordable, safe to consume daily, wholesome and a delicious source of essential nutrients. Milk and dairy typically provide almost one-third of our recommended calcium intake, but the nutrition provided by dairy products goes far beyond calcium alone. A single glass of semi-skimmed milk provides protein, phosphorus, potassium, iodine, riboflavin and pantothenic acid and a massive 72% of our daily need for vitamin B12. The main dietary source of B12 for vegetarians is dairy.

Together, the nutrients in milk and dairy benefit the body in a number of ways:

  • Keep muscles, bones, nerves, teeth, skin and vision healthy

  • Release energy from foods and reduce tiredness and fatigue

  • Maintain healthy blood pressure

  • Support normal growth and brain development

  • Support the normal functioning of the immune system

Our employees

Numidia wants the best for its employees. We have been certified as a “Great Place To Work” with a score of 79% (2022) from our employees. This assessment will be carried out annually to monitor employee satisfaction. Each year, employees will also rate their level of satisfaction with Numidia as an employer. Last year, we achieved a score of 4.1 out of 5 (EOY 2022).

Our charity

As part of our vision to take care of the environment and the belief that everyone in the world should be able to enjoy the benefits of quality dairy products, Numidia Holding BV founded the Numidia Charity Foundation at the end of 2015. The chief aim of this foundation is to support underprivileged children and to help children in need all over the world. Since its inception, the foundation has taken part in various projects. Some examples of these projects can be found on the Numidia website (www.numidiadairy.com).


Numidia has determined three main sustainability goals to be completed in 2023. In Q1, we aim to complete the integrated sustainability report in accordance with GRI standards. In Q2, we will focus on elevating Numidia’s EcoVadis score to a minimum of 78 out of 100 points to achieve the Platinum Medal. At the end of Q3, we plan to initiate Green Routing. We have determined a first set of routes for delivering products that have a fully identified and/or reduced CO2 footprint to our customers.