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Product suppliers

Suppliers and producers are key to providing good quality products to our customers. These suppliers are selected carefully and subject to strict requirements on quality, but also on sustainability. A good partnership with suppliers is of utmost importance in providing food-safe products that match our customers’ expectations.


Transporters are not only valued for the transport of products, from the loading at our suppliers through the delivery to our customers, they are also the eyes and ears of Numidia. They are key to ensuring the proper quality of products and their packaging during loading, transport and delivery. When selecting transport companies and forwarders, we consider both the quality of their services and their contributions to CO2 reduction.


Warehouses play a similarly valuable role to transporters and are essential to ensuring quality during the receipt, storage and dispatch of products.


Without customers, there is no business. That is why we cherish our customers and work to continually improve our performance. We want to unburden them as much as possible (within the framework of our strategy).


Our employees (the Numidians) are our most important asset. They determine the success of the organization on a daily basis.


Numidia is fortunate to have an experienced management team, with expert knowledge of the dairy industry. We reap the benefits of the diversity of personalities and backgrounds within our management team, which results in diverse points of view.


Banks enable us to finance our activities, based on a set of conditions. The flexibility in the terms and conditions partly determines our commercial playing. Given the growth and increasing stability of the organization and its finances, we see this playing field expanding further.


The dairy trade involves a range of risks. Insurance companies enable us to mitigate the most important risks (transport, liability, cyber security, credit, travel, superficies, etc.) and thereby make our business activities possible.


Governments around the world are closely involved in managing the food supply. In many countries, Numidia is connected to the government through its business, whether it concerns obtaining the correct (export) certificates or further relaxing trade rules.

Auditors and other certifying bodies

Our (external) auditor and other institutions that certify us play an important role in our continued existence. With their (unqualified) statements, we can demonstrate to the outside world that Numidia has its affairs under control.

Material topics






The business performed within Numidia shall be conducted in compliance with applicable anti-corruption laws and anti-bribery laws in each relevant jurisdiction and institute and maintain policies and
procedures designed to promote and achieve compliance with such laws.


Anti-competitive activities

The actions of Numidia that can result in collusion with potential competitors, with the purpose of limiting the effects of market competition.


Procurement/sales practices

Numidia's procurement practices, such as lead times or the purchasing prices we negotiate, will not have negative impacts in the supply chain.


Human rights

Align the approach with international human rights standards in order to prevent the use of child labor, forced/bonded labor and harsh or inhumane treatment of workers, and protect the right to freedom of association, both in the operations and wider supply chain.


Non-discrimination & diversity

Numidia will ensure that no discriminatory practices of any kind with regards to
recruitment, compensation, access to training, promotion, termination of the employment agreement or retirement is applied based on race, caste, creed, nationality, religion, age, physical or mental disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation and/or union membership or political affiliation.


Occupational H&S

Create a healthy and safe work environment for our employees to prevent physical and mental harm and promote overall well-being.


Market presence

Contribution to economic development in the dairy market.


Indirect economic impact

Keep track of the additional consequences of the direct impact of financial transactions performed by Numidia.


Risk & compliance

Assess applicable risks on an ongoing basis by implementing measures and controls to reduce risk as much as possible, within a reasonable costs-benefit trade-off.


Climate change

Reduce, minimize and compensate energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions resulting from Numidia’s operations.


Emission management

Every effort to reduce greenhouse gases shall be made. Renewable energy sources shall be used where possible and affordable.



Maintaining and enhancing biodiversity in our supply chain by defining policies
and clear expectations with our suppliers.



Minimize waste generation to reduce scarcity of resources and waste pollution.


Water & effluents

Effective water management and identification of the water-related impacts resulting from our operations.


Product safety, quality & supply chain performance

Ensure that the products we offer are of high quality and meet the requirements of our stakeholders and their own safety and quality requirements, and with this manage the supply chain performance.


Healthy products (Customer H&S)

Offer nutritious products to our customers.


Knowledge of Numidians (Development of our people)

The approach of Numidia to upgrade the skills, performance and career development of our employees.


Animal welfare

Treat dairy animals with care to ensure animals’ health and welfare, including the responsible use of antibiotics and the Five Freedoms (freedom from hunger and thirst, from discomfort, from pain, injury, and disease, to express normal and natural behavior, from fear and distress).


Local communities (Charity foundations)

With our Charity Foundation, we support children in need by giving them access to better living conditions and a proper education.


Market predictions (algorithm)

Numidia uses Artificial Intelligence in which Machine Learning algorithms are trained to predict the future market prices of various dairy commodities, based on historical data. This information is compared with the insights that our traders have on the dairy market. Purchase/sale decisions are made based on the combination of algorithmic predictions and trader insights.