Strategy and value creation



We believe that everyone worldwide should be able to enjoy the benefits of quality dairy products. We see it as our task to contribute to making that happen!


We want to be the best and most sustainable supplier of standard dairy products in the world for the food and feed market. We want to add value (commercial, logistics, financial, risk management, administrative and technical) for our suppliers and our customers with whom we want to establish long-term relationships. Our people make the difference!

Our values


We have an open and direct culture. We are down to earth, and we practice what we preach.

Long-term relationships

We are enthusiastic about our work, our business relationships and our colleagues.


People who are entrepreneurial and decisive make the difference for our suppliers and customers. They are empowered by the directors, who actively take part in commercial activities, which creates speed and flexibility.


We have employees that can take take most decisions themselves. Our directors are part of the team.


Our main driver is to keep our promises.

Our strategic pillars

Our success strategy starts with the hiring and training of "world-class" employees. Our aim is to provide an average of 40-60 hours of training per year to strengthen an employee’s development. We also invest a lot of time and attention on forging an excellent team. Our management style is "reversed accountability", which means that we believe our managers should be there for our employees, not the other way around. The better it works, the better employees will feel and the better they can perform. It is therefore not surprising that Numidia was certified as a "Great Place To Work."

Furthermore, we have defined five strategic pillars that determine our direction:

  1. As stated in our mission, we want to be the most sustainable supplier in our business. We have already created our Environmental Management System (to the ISO 14001 standard) in 2018. Since 2019, we have voluntarily offset the emissions of our own activities and those of all transports and warehousing that we organize for our customers.

  2. We want to excel in the customer and supplier experience. This includes understanding and taking care of the concerns of our business partners.

  3. We strive for continued double digit growth. That keeps it interesting to do business with the larger companies in our supply chain. This growth also offers our employees the best opportunities for further development, enabling us to continue attracting the best available people. In addition, the larger the organization is, the more finely meshed the distribution of goods can take place. This will also improve the relative ecological footprint.

  4. Running our business requires the processing of an enormous amount of data. But the great challenge of the future is to have access to the relevant data and to make the right (commercial) decisions. That is also the reason why Numidia set up a separate department for this purpose.

  5. Last (but certainly not least), we want to deliver the best (most customer-oriented) products to the best customers. These are customers who have a good reputation in the market and with whom it is pleasant to do business.

The strategy for physical products has always been about operational excellence. To create a distinct market position through the delivery of standard dairy products (commodities) with outstanding operational performance.

In the coming year(s), we will focus even more on realizing the different expectations that customers and suppliers have of us. It will be a combination of operational excellence in controlling the supply chain and customer intimacy on the delivery of goods and related documents/information. An important tool when it comes to supporting the defined customer journey will be IT. The ERP system has been designed to achieve this.

In addition, we will be offering all of the above at the best possible price (cost leadership). The achievement of the latter is mainly due to the simplicity of Numidia’s structure. Right from the start, we decided to have (and stick to) one order book worldwide. This enables us to immediately see our total product positions in detail, which means that we can concentrate our efforts on fully serving our customers and suppliers. After all, there is no internal trading between the various offices and everyone is working toward the same goal.

For managing our position and trading in derivatives, this operational excellence strategy only applies to the administrative process. Otherwise, the main strategy is the creative use of market intelligence – gathering all the available and most up-to-date (market) information and then translating it into concrete, successful actions using data analysis and market movements. The major advantage that Numidia has here is that it can combine the developments in its own physical order portfolio with the information that comes from the derivatives markets. This gives us a secure way to see the developments of the dairy market.

This advantage is further enhanced by the fact that Numidia trades both protein-dairy products and fat-dairy products. On the one hand, these products are linked in one way or another, but on the other hand, they can still show their own specific price development. Being able to see all these individual developments simultaneously creates a better overall picture, in which the most promising trading opportunities also become clear. In combination with its worldwide presence, this means that Numidia can take advantage of opportunities presented through geographical arbitrage.

Activities in research and development are limited given the nature of the company’s business and operations. These are therefore not represented in the strategic pillars.